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Friday, September 21, 2007


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reg Richardson LCM - 2007


Congratulations to all the CIM swimmers for the strong showing at the Reg Richardson Memorial LCM on Saturday (July 14). Our participation DOUBLED over last year, with 8 swimmers (enough for 2 relays!), but unfortunately we needed more women (hmmm, somewhere I know I've said that before, lol). Come on ladies, join us next year - WE NEED YOU!

For the most part, the swims were fast and the conditioning was there. Only problem was, we just don't have the experience swimming in 50 meter pools...the pool is deceivingly long for those of us use to 25 yard pools, and it just seems to keep getting longer! I think next year we'll have to take a little field trip over to Los Banos or UCSB a week or two before this meet, and get in a few meter workouts.

What is most important about going to these type of events is getting out there and having fun, while challenging ourselves to do our best. What a great way to spend the day...beautiful weather, good friends, dip in the pool. Thanks to everyone swimming AND coming out and supporting our group...Next year, maybe we can double our numbers again??? I know there are at least another 8 out there ready to take that plunge. Oh, and one more thing...the wheels are in motion for possibly planning a road trip to the Las Vegas swim meet in 2008. STAY TUNED!

On to the results! (I know I'm missing a couple swims, so please let me know and I'll get them posted).

100 Meter Freestyle:
Alethia - 1:10.41 / Mark U. - 1:10.42 / Todd - 1:02.33
Mike - 1:12.71 / Ron - 1:28.23 / Mark S. - 1:14.62

200 Meter Individual Medley:
Alethia - 3:03.41 / Eric - 2:48.61

50 Meter Freestyle:
Mark U. - 30.24 / Eric - 31.64 / Mark S. - 31.10
Todd - 27.71 / Mike - 29.93 / Ron - 38.

50 Meter Backstroke:
Eric - 36.51

50 Meter Butterfly:
Mark U. - 36.32 / Todd - 30.94

Sunday, April 01, 2007

CIM Ski Trip - Mammoth 2007

What a great long weekend to trade in our bathing suits and goggles for a plank or two of wood and a couple poles. With temperatures in the mid to upper 40's (and even above 50 one day), we still could have cruised around the mountain in our speedos and still been quite comfortable.

Here's our crew for the weekend...thanks for coming!

My world famous pizza...great tasting and nutritous too. Well, sorta...

View from the parking lot at Canyon year I'll take a few action shots of us actually skiing. STAY TUNED =)

Check out the rest of the Mammoth pictures HERE

Friday, October 27, 2006

SwimTrek Greece Photos are UP!

My SwimTrek - Greece photos are up (all 230+ of them)!

I'm still in the process of adding all the descriptions, captions and other fun stuff to the photos, but you can check them out here:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Coach Vic and Coach Allie =)

Here we are right before workout, with Coach Allie preparing to give the first set. Actually, this little cutie belongs to Steve and Kristi Dato, one of our swimmers in Carpinteria. We need matching hats =)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reg Richardson Memorial LCM Swim Meet - July 8, 2006

Thanks to everyone coming out and joining us for a beautiful afternoon of swimming. The weather was tropically warm, as was the atmosphere of swimmers from all over southern California. Although the meet went a little too quick to allow swimmers much of a recovery, the swims were fast, and the technique was excellent. Below are a few action shots. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Here's a rare shot of Danni actually out of the water. Hopefully we'll see her on the blocks very soon =) And speaking of blocks, here's Rochelle waiting for the call to the starting blocks. The events are seeded according to swim times, so everyone swims together!

Todd up on the blocks. Excellent reaction time and extension! Now we just need to work on getting those legs higher on the entry. Imagine yourself diving through a small hula hoop, and you want your entire body to pass through the hoop, but not at the same time...hands first, then the middle torso, and then the legs. This means the legs have to remain higher than the upper body so as not to land flat like an airplane making a water landing.

Eric up in this series. Check out the various reaction times (arms forward or arms back). Try to make the first movement after the starting horn sounds FORWARDS. Get out of the habit of winding up...explode forward with the legs!


In the next series of photos we see Patrick on the blocks using a track start. The "one foot forward, one foot back" technique has become more widely used over the years because it allows a lot more stability while in the starting position. Remaining in a steady position before the starting horn is very important in major competitions because a single false start means a disqualification. Remember to keep the legs straight (and together) while in the air. This allows for a more streamlined entry, which means more speed that you don't have to work for! The fastest part of the swim is not actually the swim itself, but the start. So the idea is to try and maintain that speed for as long as possible. Maintaining a streamlined position will cut down on the resistance, and allow you to keep that "free speed" for a longer distance.
. .

Eric is up once again, and this time with an excellent backstroke start. Very good reaction time, full extension and streamline position. A little more arch in the back would allow a deeper entry, and keep the speed up during dolphin kicks and the first stroke cycle. ..

In the next series of 3 here, we have Todd on the starting blocks. GOOD START! Still a bit too flat on the entry, resulting in the arms and legs entering the water at the same time, but great extension! .

We finished the day with our group in top relay form! Here's the team strategizing as they prepare for their relay swim. With very little rest in between events, by this time the group was more ready for a nap rather than more swimming...thanks Patrick, David, Todd and Eric for sticking around =)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ocean Swimmers Group Picture

Here we are all suited up and ready to go!